Buttercup - June Stylist Pick

(5) Ways to Wear Buttercup - Our Satin Mini Slip Dress

5 Ways to wear CalhounnuohlaC Satin Slip Dress Buttercup


Cute, Sassy, and all things classy! Our Buttercup jacquard Satin mini slip dress is this month’s Stylist Pick! Everybody, and we do mean everybody is ready to get out of the house and take advantage of "Dress Season".  Buttercup is giving us all of the vibes. We're able to mix it, pair it, tuck it, layer it in so many fun ways. This dress is perfect for the gal who likes to reinvent herself everyday. When we say "Endless Slays,' honey, that's exactly what we mean. Check out our 5 favorite ways to style her for the Spring/Summer season with the official deets below



CalhounnuohlaC Satin Slip Dress Buttercup tucked into Distressed Denim Jeans CalhounnuohlaC Satin Slip Dress Buttercup with Distressed Denim Jeans

1) Layered Over / Tucked into Denim Jeans -  This look is simple, yet make a huge statement. The days of pairing dresses and jeans are back. Buttercup took us back to the future with this timeless classic slip dress. Here's how to slay.  Simply put on your Buttercup slip dress and adjust the straps as needed. Then slide on your Nepeta Dark Wash Denim Jeans. Here you can decide to leave her layered over your denim or tuck her away for a blouse effect. Honestly what makes this look so sleek is the destructed ankle on these denim jeans. The raw edge effortlessly draws the eye to your feet, so make sure you're wearing some sassy open toe heels(preferable mules). The ankle detailing also balances out the cowl neckline of the dress. This look is a sure fire way to allow your whole outfit to be appreciated. This look is perfect for an outdoor picnic, running errands, and a quite bit to eat with a friend. Pair Buttercup her with a pair of our Nepeta Dark Wash Distressed Hem Jeans and slay the day.



 CalhounnuohlaC Dress Buttercup Layered over Band Tee

2) Layered over an Oversized Band Tee -Yes honey! This is literally one of our favorite concert looks! Comfortable enough to groove in while making a statement.  Rock with one of your favorite oversized band tee's. You can also pair her with a fitted tee or body suit but we feel that the oversized tee just brings so much more needed drama!  Because the slip dress is already a bit flowy in a sense that it doesn't complete adhere to the body, layering over the band tee won't make this style look bulky on you. Don't forget to roll up your sleeves, this is a very crucial detail in this look. Pair with your dad sneaks for a chill vibe, or stunt with a pair of statement heels. 



CalhounnuohlaC Buttercup Satin Slip Dress with Satin Cigarette Pant

3)  Tuck Away-  Here's were things get fun and colorful. When we want to go for a sophisticated Brunch look, we absolutely love to tuck buttercup away into our Iris Satin Cigarette pant. Seeing as both pieces are Satin, it's an easy and effortless pair. What happens is, the fabrics become extremely easy on the eye and gives you a look full of fluidity. Now here's our favorite part, the color clash! This slip dress is already a beautiful lilac pastel master piece, when paired with our luxe sage cigarette pant, this combo becomes a beautiful collision, hence why we love her for a brunch outing. You could even drop by a baby shower with this look. It's all about the hue and fabrication. Pair Buttercup with our Iris Satin Cigarette Pant for the ultimate slay.



CalhounnuohlaC Buttercup Satin Slip Dress layered over long sleeve white button up

4)  Pair with a Classic Button up-  For our last look, we wanted to give you another option to take a professional stab at styling this slip dress without the overkill. This is a look you can wear to work, church, family gatherings, Meetings, lunch, all that. This look is actual good for any occasion. We layered our satin mini over a clean pressed long sleeve button up (because we wanted to pay homage to the 70/30 rule).  If this is a little too pain Jane for you, pair with a statement necklace and a pair of popping heels to flex in. The shoes you pair with this look depends on the occasion, but none-the-less, keep it fun!



CalhounnuohlaC Satin Slip Dress Buttercup with Belted Blazer

5)  Belted with a Blazer-  Now listen, only pull this look off if you mean business. We call this the seal the deal look. Perfect for wear to a business lunch, industry event, and anywhere else you find yourself surrounded by people you deem important and otherwise would like to impress. Slip on your Buttercup satin mini, pull out that chic tailored blazer from your closet and layer it over your slip. Now you could stop right here but you risk the chance of being overlooked. What you want to do is find a sleek "slim" belt to wear "on top" of the blazer, this is what seals the deal. Not only does the belt add extra depth to this look, but it also cinches you waist and I mean, who doesn't love a snatched waist?   


Our #1 rule of style is "Have Fun & Feel Good!"  This is so important and that's why we've decided to share our Stylist picks of the month you. We want you to be able to maximize your wear and and fun expressing yourself iwth Fashion! After all, Fashion is an art form, that's not up for debate. Enjoy our Lilac Buttercup Cowl Neck Slip Dress especially while the sun is out and giving you the opportunity to flex love. It's your season, Bloom.

Bonus! - We didn't mention skirts! but that doesn't mean it can't be done. After all, We are the artist, we have full creative control! One of my very personal favorites is to tuck buttercup away into a wide flare midi skirt. I feel this look is perfect for a picnic in the park, a nice brunch at a fancy restaurant, and of course wine tasting. This look gives a chic modernized 1940's vibe. Pair with a lace up heel that travels up the calf to let everybody know you're not to be played with.

What was your favorite way to wear? Look 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5? We want to hear from you!

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  • Amber

    I love this. I definitely love to reinvent myself, and being able to do that with a versatile dress such as buttercup is just what I need! I’ll be adding to cart! Thanks for the insight, my top favs were the band tee & button up layered look. Perfect for a night with the ladies, or to attend a business meeting! Thanks #bossbabe!

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