Creating the 'Sweet Nothings" Collection

This collection by far is the most special to me. Honestly, a few years ago, I thought I was done with Fashion and living out my life long dream of being a designer. When I first started my brand back in 2014, I had all the ambition, drive and LOVE for the art in the world, but unfortunately through years of disappointments, set backs, and failures..discouragement set in.  I began to feel like maybe fashion wasn't my calling after all.  but Thanks to a dear friend of mines who helped me find my passion again, my right brain started speaking in color again, thus the birth of "Sweet Nothings."
It truly has been a blessing to see my ideas transfer from thought to manifestation. I told myself this time was all or nothing. I first began to see beautiful but sassy silhouettes and soft floral hues. The mood board in my mind looked something like a garden full of exotic flowers dancing to the "Love Jones" sound track. I started sketching on laptop and watching the collection unfold one piece at a time, unique in it's own way. It wasn't long before I had a nice assortment that I was sincerely proud of and couldn't wait to share with the world.
I put countless hours, energy, and passion into this collection and I just hope that you all are able to see that through the pieces. I pray when you get the garments home and wear them for the first time that you're able to feel my love tangled in each weave , each stitch, and each thread. I hope you enjoy the sensation and all of the countless compliments you'll receive while wearing your art apparel. But most of all, I hope you're ready for more.... ...because Summer is just around the corner.

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