Is your love for our Fur Friends Faux Real?


One thing about me, I love a good FAUX fur, FAUX feather, FAUX leather, all of the above! lol I love how the textures look paired with other fabrics, but most of all it's just extremely appealing to the senses. If you've ever worn a faux garment, you know exactly what I mean when I say it's truly an experience.
But, how did we even come to the thought of wearing animal skins and hides for Fashion? Jennifer Oberg has an interesting take on the answer...
"The use of fur for clothing and shelter predates written history. Animal hides were worn by several species of prehistoric hominoids including the Neanderthals and Denisovans. The bible describes the introduction of such clothing in Genesis 3:21 which reads, “And the Lord God made for Adam and his wife garments of skins and clothed them.” If you are unfamiliar with the story, God was mad at them for eating forbidden fruit and making clothes out of fig leaves. So God made them better clothes, cursed woman with the pain of childbirth and kicked humans out of paradise. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how fashion started."


Is she wrong or right? I can't say for sure, but it's a damn good observation. What started out as a necessity eventually became a luxury. 
As early as the 11 th century, fur was worn as a symbol of wealth and social status rather than just out of the need for warmth. European royalty regularly wore fur coats, fur capes, and fur accessories made from mink, sable, and chinchilla fur. However, the use of animal skins were brought to light during the 1980s by animal right organizations and the demand for fur decreased. (PETA) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an animal rights organization that opposes speciesism, and the abuse of animals in any way, such as for food, clothing, entertainment, or research. If you've ever watched the first Sex and the City movie, you'll remember a scene where the girls were in NY for Fashion Week. As they're walking out of the Mercedes Benz fashion show, a PETA activist throws red paint onto Samantha's peplum style fur coat and screams "FUR IS MURDEERRRRR!"
This was a dramatized representation of a realistic PETA protest. PETA activists have been known to wear elaborate costumes, body paint, or nothing at all to draw attention to their causes, and to throw red paint symbolizing blood on people wearing fur. Nonetheless, PETA has achieved a litany of animal-rights reforms: convincing some of the world’s largest fashion brands not to use fur, animal-testing bans by thousands of personal-care companies. (Go PETA!)
I'd have to say I'm partially supportive of PETA at the moment. I'm completely behind not wearing animals and clothes, but guess who hasn't stopped eating meat...
We working on it tho. lol
Today, real fur is still identified as a luxury to some, but others feel indifferent. Fur represents a very specific type of lifestyle. The glitz and the glam. How often and where do you typically see people wearing fur coats, or garments made with feathers? It's primarily seen being worn at high profile events like award shows or elite private parties.
Thanks to technology, today the fashion industry is able to produce some of the most beautiful and couture FAUX garments without harming animals. This is made possible by synthetic fibers. Not only has this cut back on animal cruelty in a major way, but it's also allowed designers like myself the opportunity to get ultra creative and explore a multitude of options regarding texture, color, weight, and density. We can now create extremely unique novelties like neon feathers and turquoise Furs! 
I thought it was important to bring this topic up because I recently made the decision to include some Faux novelty trims in my Fall/Winter 23 Collection and wanted to know how you felt about wearing Faux Furs, Leathers, and feathers vs the Real Deal. Are you you the type that needs that Authenticity for the sake of Value? or are you okay with the Knock off if it means you save a life?
in the words of world renowned fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld,
"you can not fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur" 
... ahh Fashion, it's deeper than you thought huh? Let me know what side you're swaying to below.
Ciao for now,
Brittney Calhoun Morris 

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