Iris Satin Pant Set - July Stylist Pick

CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set

Satin in the Summer? It's a yes for us sis. Our Iris Satin Pant set stole the number one spot as this months Stylist Pick!
Satin has been on trend for quite some time now and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. But why would it? It's beautiful glossy sheen finish is giving us the much needed glam that we've been missing. The Iris pant set is one of our most loved silhouettes to style up and down. Literally endless creativity. Here's a few way I love to wear "Iris" in the Summer, and a few way to transition her into Fall.

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CalhounnuohlaC Iris Pant Set

1) As is - Now, I designed this set with the idea of being a no brainer look. I guess you can all it a "throw on, & Go" kinda look. All you really have to worry about here it what kind of accessories you want to add to the look, and if you should wear your hair up in a high bun or low pony.

     * Feel free to have fun with this set. Spice it up with a leather jacket and sneaks for a casual night out on the time. Or go comfy casual and layer a light weight button up over your crop and pair it with some open toe sandals. This is literally screaming "Summer".


2) Swap The Top - Our "Iris" Satin Pant set is available in "Sage" & "Rose". Get creative and mix and match for sets for a fun brunch look. Go all the way with some heels and a poppin' bag.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set | Daisy Tulle Shoulder Bustier

3) Boost it up - Drop the crop, and add a bustier into play! This is how you go from 0 to 1000%. Bustiers are already staple pieces all on their own. Pairing one with our Iris Satin Cigarette Pant is a sure fire way to turn heads and break necks.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set | Graphic Tees

4) Casual - Pair our "Iris" Satin Cigarette Pant with a easy graphic tee and sneaks for a casual vibe. or if you're a little boujee like me, hehehe, throw on some heels and grab your fedora. Issa Look sis.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set | Mens Button Up

5) Office Ready - I love to find new innovative ways to have fun with regular everyday closet pieces. This is one of my favorite looks to wear to the office. Get the look by pairing our "Iris" Satin Cigarette Pant with an over-sized button up and wear it off the shoulder in reverse. Pair with a clean chic pair of heels and head to the office.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set |  Printed Button up

- BONUS BUTTON UP: Have some fun with a printed light weight button up. double knot it at the center front and you're goo to go.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set |  Willow Off Shoulder Tulle Puff Sleeve Blouse

6) Stand Out - Make a statement and rock our "iris" Satin Cigarette Pant with our "Willow" off the shoulder crop and bring about all the fun party vibes. Fun up top, clean and classy at the bottom.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set | Crew Neck

7) Loving the Crew - Fall is in the near future so I thought it would be fun to give you a few ways to transition your closet. You know all of those classic, vintage, graphic, and textile crew necks that you've got stowed away in the back of the closet? Pull them out! Rock them off the shoulder, roll up the sleeves, knot the front. PSA, you don't have to wait until Fall to bust this look out. This look is Summer Nights approved as well.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set | Birch Distressed Boyfriend Jean Denim

8) Good Jeans - Hit the switch. Drop the Cigarette Pant and pick up some jeans. Our Birch jeans to be specific. Rock the Strappy Back top with distressed jeans. Casual Chic.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set | Yarrow Faux Suede Skirt

9) Set The Tone - Play with textiles and be a trend setter. Pair your strappy back crop with our "Yarrow" skort. Issa Party.


CalhounnuohlaC Iris Satin Pant Set | Cropped Graphic Tee

10) Crop x Crop -  Here's a bonus. That cute casual crop top that's in your drawer, pull it out. Layer your "Iris" satin strappy back crop over it and complete the look with the matching pant. Pair with a matching purse and shoe set.



What's your favorite way to style the Iris Satin pant set? Let us know down below in the comments.


Ciao for now.


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