Made in La

Some of you may have known this already but CalhounnuohlaC is a Los Angeles based brand and we also have all of our production made right here in LA as well.

As a designer, I spend a lot of my time in the downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. It's literally like a 2nd home to me. It's where I purchase all of my trims, fabric, and do business with my partners. I've always loved the fact that I could create and manage a brand right here in LA because it gave me the opportunity to be more hands on with the production process.


Back in 2014 I worked in corporate America for this fashion brand called "Bebe" as a Production Assistant. My job was to communicate with our partners domestically and internationally regarding our production to ensure everything was approved and on time. I got the bright idea to create my own line and Although I was working in the industry, I still had no idea how to get started or where I should source my materials. Btw, asking my boss or co-workers for help was ABSOLUTELY OUT! (That's a story for another day). I became good friends with a manufacturer in Bangladesh and the owner agreed to make some denim samples for me. Because the samples were made in Bangladesh and being shipping from Bangladesh, the cost for shipping alone was $200+. That broke my little pockets and I had to re-strategize. Eventually God put the right people in my path and I was able to build a whole network of resources right here in LA. I knew it was possible, just didn't have access to the right information at the time.

I take pride in having my designs made right here in LA. Not only has it saved me so much production time, but I've been able to cultivate some awesome relationships with interesting individuals that have become like family to me. Made in LA is more than just a phrase for the CalhounnuohlaC brand. It's our official beginning and our fuel.

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