Shutting CalhounnuohlaC Down

"I have to shut down CalhounnuohlaC, It's not moving and becoming a financial burden."


As an entrepreneur, we take on many roles to keep our dreams afloat. Our businesses are our babies and we only want to see them grow BIG and Strong and go on to become respected individuals/entities in the world. However; just like new mothers, we don't always know what we're doing or what our babies need to grow. Everything is Trial and Error and from there we're able to learn from our mistakes to be better parents(entrepreneurs).

2021 was a tough year for my baby, @CalhounnuohlaC. We experienced a lot of downs and disappointments. I tried my best to be consistent for the brand as much as I could but life always finds a way to show up. I felt like I was watching my baby implode with failure before it even had the chance to get off the ground. I witnessed other brands that I believed didn't make a quarter of the impact that mines was making in the world SKY Rocket! It blew my mind! but it also broke me down... I would put my heart into Campaign(s) that I thought would blow up and shake the web to finally put us in a glimmer of spotlight barely made a peep! It was crickets. I would ask myself "Now how in the hell, did this NOT produce results?" We had fire images, fire models, fire locations, and FIRE DESIGNS!! wtheck was the problem?!! It became aggressively overwhelming so, I decided to shut this shit DOWN...

Summer Walker said it best, "I'm Over It"....



...until I wasn't. See, one thing about an entrepreneur is, best believe we gone get another idea, that's going to lead to (3+) more ideas, that's going to lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel, that's going to lead us back to the reason we birthed these babies in the first place. It's our "WHY" that keeps us going. No matter how many times we fail, real ones gone get up, reflect, assess the situation and try again. I've thought about giving up more times than I can count. But I could never go through with it. I don't know how many times I've told my peers "I think I'm going to shut CalhounnuohlaC down." God seems to always give me a reminder to keep going in the form of a new Goal, design, connect, approach, idea. But one thing God has never given me, is the okay to kill the dream.
In my down moments and disappointments, I've had a lot of time to reflect and analyze where and why things were going wrong. My #1 finding was that my baby suffered because the lack of my presence. Don't get me wrong, I was consistent, but I wasn't present.. IYKYK. I started showing up for the brand, and the brand started showing up for me. I had to find what works and be okay with finding when something doesn't work. It's all a part of the process. I'm learning not to rush that process and just allow things to unfold in their own time. After all there's no reward in birthing a baby and asking God to fast forward to the part when they turn into successful adults. You'll miss all of the good parts of their lives. You'll miss out on their first steps, their first words, their first tennis game, their first heart break, and their GLOW UP! You won't be able to witness all of the character development stages. It's a marathon, not a race and I'm enjoying the run.
With that being said,    ...Spring/Summer 2022 coming soon.


  • Meme B

    Keep your head high anything worth having is worth fighting for. You definitely have this you’re extremely talented and please understand Gucci Chanel or Louis Vuitton was not made famous over night and I’m sure they had their creators has their moments where they felt u my st like you yet they kept going. B you’re material is unmatched and your reason behind your brand is beautiful what you do stems from the heart and understand when we do things from the heart (our passion) we always succeed so I have faith in you I have faith in your brand. Let’s go 2022!!!

  • Delmi

    I have definitely seen the major shift in your presence and I love to see it! Your authentic voice definitely is felt more and the transparency is admirable. & to top it all off the quality of your clothing is amazing 🤩 every little detail behind the branding is so impressive. Keep it up Queen 👑

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