Style Tip #1 | "Edit + Organize your Closet"


Style Tip #1
Organize & Edit Your Closet.

This is Soooo crucial ladies. How can you create the perfect look if you don't even know what you have to work with? First, review your entire wardrobe and whatever you're not in absolutely love with, toss. Donate or try to sell to make some extra coin for new exciting pieces that you can't live without. Then it's time to organize. Me personally, I like to organize my closet by category. For example, I hang all of my jackets together, all of my jeans together, all of my blouses together, etc. This is a tremendous help when it's time to get in my creative bag and put looks together. This makes it easy to see what I'm working with and also allows my imagination run wild. I do the same thing to the folded items that live in my draws. My graphic tee's and a few of my blouses share a drawer so to keep things simple, Graphics go on the left, and blouses go on the right. If you have enough space to separate the two, I highly suggest it. Organization is Key babe. Trust me on this one. Once you've got this figured out, that's when the real fun begins. You're style will thank you later.

BTW this is a Priority... not an option.
Get to it babe.
If you need a little visual help, check out the below linked video from the lovely Geranika Mycia as she shares how she edits her closet and re-organizes with limited space!
Geranika Mycia's Closet Edit + Organization

Ciao for now.

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