To Wear, or Not to Wear, UNDERWEAR..


Who Doesn't love a comfy supportive panty?

We all do! Especially when they make the booty sit up. *wink wink*
..but have you ever had the perfect outfit ruined by your panty line?! I feel like sometimes, Panties be doing too much.

Nothing gets in the way of a flawless outfit!

NOTHING!! Let me be the first to tell you, I am NOT afraid to go without panties. truth be told, sometime panties just get in the way. Those hideous panty line can literally KILL a look. That's a big NO NO!
I know some of you may not be 100% comfortable going commando and that's completely understandable. If you're that somebody I've got a 2 options for you.

1) Seamless Panties


Seamless Panties are a perfect way to lose that wretched panty line but still have the comfortability and security of wearing panties. These no-show undies are the foundation of so many great looks (they’re an unsung wardrobe essential!) You can find them at just about any lingerie store. These bad boys come in a high waist brief silhouette, a low rise fits, as well as standard.

2) Thong Panty

What sisqo say? “That thong th-thong, thong, thong” The thong is such a prized possession in the world of wardrobe. Not only are they a wardrobe essential, they can also act as an accessory to a look (if that’s your thing). Even if you would never consider letting your G-string see the light of day, it’s worth stocking your panty drawer with smooth, seamless thongs that will take up little room and get plenty of wear. Now hear me out, I was a little skeptical wearing my first thong. I just could NOT get comfortable with that thin piece of fabric between my beloved peaches. Lol (It always felt like I had a murphy) However, after a few wears, your girl was kinda SOLD and I had to stock up. At that time leggings were a thing and I just couldn’t go on living my best life with my panty line peaking out. Over time I just couldn’t go on living that thong life. They just stopped feeling natural to me. I would only pull them out when it was absolutely necessary. Thongs are not terrible. They just aren’t my go-to anymore. They do however have a special place in my heart and if you don’t own one yet, go on and grab you a couple. Hopefully your experience will be better than mine. However, I do kinda dig the exposed thong trend when executed with class and Taste like the Queen B wears. It's Flirty, but not classless, you know?

my favorite option..



Go Bare!

I will not lie, this is my FAVORITE option. I have a cousin who literally NEVER wears panties, She’s been living her life like this since she was maybe 19/20 years old. I always thought that was so tacky and classless. (like girl UGH, somethings going to crawl up there) She would even wear denim jeans without panties!! I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. A few years back, I learned that my boss had also adopted this same method. So one day I just had to ask, “Why don’t you like wearing underwear?” She just laughed and said something along the lines of “panties are just too restricting” and “I like to be free”. She also mentioned that she hated how they made her clothes look sometimes which I could completely understand.
So one day, I put together a super fly outfit, got dressed, was ready to walk out the door and was stopped in my tracks. My damn panties were extra visible (& to me that’s extra tacky). That day I decided to lose the undies for the sake of the outfit, and I haven’t looked back since. The whole day I felt free as a bird! Living my best LIFE, you hear me?
I will never again compromise a look for panties. You can’t pay me! I guess you can say I've adopted the commando lifestyle too. To be completely honest, it’s not bad at all. Blame it on the fashion! *Kanye Shrug*
There are times however, when panties are just absolutely necessary for example, when you’re wearing a loose fitted dress or a skirt. I ain’t that damn bold now. Lol I need some form of protection down there. In that case I will throw on a seamless high waist brief for extra security. I think I only pull out the thongs for thin fabric styles and fabrics that are extra sensitive. Other than that, it’s just me and my skin…
I want to know what you're most comfortable with? Let me know down in the comments below.

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