A little bit about us..

The Who + The Why Behind CalhounnuohlaC | Brittney Calhoun-Morris
CalhounnuohlaC was created in 2014 with a goal in mind of bridging the gap between Fashion and Humanity by bringing awareness to Drug & Alcohol Addiction and Prevention by way of Fashion.
We're a women's apparel brand that celebrates expression through wearable art. We are the home of fun, sophisticated, bold, and unapologetic art apparel. CalhounnuohlaC was created for the girl who doesn't seek to blend in with the world. She prefers to stand out and make statements with her style. 

Impact with Every Purchase

7% of every purchase is donated to a participating Drug + Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. Another 13% of every purchase goes toward the funding of "Haus Of Meta," our 501(c)(3) Non profit organization that will serve as our direct line of influence and impact for recovering alcoholics and addicts. A total of 20% of your purchase is going toward changing lives for the better. We pride ourselves on exposing the danger and hazards of drugs and irresponsible alcohol use. Your contribution helps create open doors for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Thanks!

We're in the business of changing the Narrative (Lives)

CalhounnuohlaC has always stood for the betterment of humanity, one where we all win. To us, that means no matter who you are or your background, everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive and manifest their dreams into reality. Every CalhounnuohlaC purchase allows us to invest in solutions and resources that will help change this narrative.

How We Give

By bringing awareness to abuse and addiction, our goal is to heal humanity while providing an outlet for expressive art curated through apparel. Every month we review our directory of local Drug Rehabilitation Center and choose one at random to donate our monthly proceeds to.

In the Works!

  • Haus of Meta - 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
  • New Goal - 25% of every purchase will be donated towards the cause
  • Fashion for Humanity specific Merchandise
  • Affiliate Programs + Partnerships - Some of your favorite Fashion & Beauty Influencers are on the way!
  • Rewards Program - so you can keep track of how you're helping bridge the gap.

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